Thanking. Saving. Healing.

It’s the season for giving thanks and no one is more deserving of gratitude than American military personnel and veterans. Consequently, Unilever has started a “Thank You For Your Service” program to give back to service men and women, while helping Vietnam Veterans at the same time.
The Moving Wall.
Anyone who has visited the historic Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., has been moved by the powerfully emotional experience of seeing over 58,000 names carved into the polished granite surface. 
Unfortunately, they’re the identities of all the military men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice. Whether the name reflected upon is a loved one’s or strangers’, seeing the giant mirror-like wall can be humbling and healing.
A half-scale replica of designer Maya Ying Lin’s touching memorial has been created to tour the nation alongside a mobile museum. Unilever wants to keep “The Wall That Heals” moving across the country by offering the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund its “Operation Thank You” donations.
As a thank you for your service, Unilever is offering savings. Military commissaries will feature in-store flyers filled with valuable coupons worth over $8. When you redeem your coupons from the flyers, you’ll help us make our $10,000 donation to “The Wall That Heals” memorial wall and museum!
Giving Back.
Service men, women and their families can check their in-store flyer to find the coupons to redeem. Saving on top-selling Unilever brands will help keep the traveling memorial on its journey to touch communities and teach them about the service and sacrifice an entire generation has made.


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