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Since 2003, Unilever has actively supported the troops and organizations that serve to help them.

Unilever does as much as it can to show their appreciation for those who are willing to sacrifice so much for our freedom. Paying for warehouse space to house goods until they can be shipped, donating thousands of products from its brands, sponsoring entertainment for the troops, like the Madden Football Tournament—these are just some of the things Unilever is doing to show our military members that they think about them and care about the difference they’re making in the world.

Below is a snapshot of the organizations Unilever supports and partners with to reach our troops in need.

Adopt-a-Soldier Platoon
Alan Krutchkoff, a Unilever IT employee, started the AaSP with a colleague, Holmes Brady. Brady had been a reservist with the Special Forces. Their first adoptee was Jamey Hermanns, a sergeant in the 82nd Airborne.

A few people at Unilever heard about what Krutchkoff had done and wanted to get involved or send care packages to their own family and friends who were serving. This initial core group was about the size of a small platoon, so they became the “Adopt a Soldier Platoon” (AaSP).

That was April of 2003. Since then, the AaSP has had almost 100 adoptees with relations to Unilever employees and supports 16 hospitals and medical facilities that aid wounded soldiers. In 2008 the AaSP became a national charity with Unilever and other “special friends” as supporters.
Visit www.AdoptASoldierPlatoon.org

Wounded Warrior Project
Wounded Warrior Project™ (WWP) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to honor and empower wounded warriors. The purpose of WWP is to raise awareness and to enlist the public’s aid for the needs of injured service members, to help injured servicemen and women aid and assist each other, and to provide unique, direct programs and services to meet their needs.

To raise awareness about this organization, various Unilever brands have promoted WWP with over $100,000 in support going to those wounded warriors who need it the most.

Visit woundedwarriorproject.org

Fisher House Foundation
Fisher House Foundation is best known for the network of 54 comfort homes on the grounds of major military and VA medical centers. The houses are 5,000 to 16,800 square foot homes, with up to 21 suites, donated to the military and Department of Veterans Affairs by Fisher House Foundation. The Foundation provides support to families of patients receiving care at the nearby medical center and has ensured that families of service men and women wounded or injured in Iraq and Afghanistan do not pay for their stay at a Fisher House or other base facility if they are on a wait list.

Annually, the program helps 13,000 families and has made more than three million days of lodging available to family members since it originated in 1990.

Visit www.fisherhouse.org


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