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Our military sacrifices to defend our rights – now it’s your turn. Learn how you can support their rights to military shopping benefits.

What is the Military Shopping Benefit?

Our military, veterans and their families have sacrificed in service to this country, asking little in return. Many of these families shop at and depend on their local military commissaries and exchanges, just to maintain a modest standard of living.

At this time, there have been several bills proposed by congress which would have devastating effects on the military resale system, including increased prices and in some cases, the closing of these stores.

On average, military families and veterans save 31% shopping in commissaries and more than 20% at exchanges. In 2010 alone, these savings amounted to 5.6 billion dollars — that’s more money for military families to put towards their homes, their bills and supporting their families.

What’s being done?

The Coalition to Save our Military Shopping Benefit is a non-profit organization established to protect military shopping benefits. They provide information, serve as a central voice for the movement, and improve the business conditions of the military resale system.

How can I help?

- Visit to educate yourself on the latest news
- Spread the word. Like Save Our Benefit on Facebook to educate friends, family and others about the issues.
- Keep informed and get involved. We highly encourage patrons and taxpayers to show your pride and support for what these valued programs offer by adding your voice to the cause. Click here for more information.


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