Father's Day Care Packages

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Father’s Day Care Package Ideas © Tara Crooks
The origins of Father’s Day are debatable but what we do know is that in 1924 President Calvin Coolidge made it a national event to “establish more intimate relationships between fathers and their children and to impress upon fathers the full measure of their obligation”. For some families this means breakfast in bed for dad, an entire day to control the remote, no chores, or special greeting cards. For military families these typical Father’s day celebrations may be hard to do in person due to deployment. Despite the distance, military families still long to create something special to foster that bond and relationship between Dad and his child(ren).
Build Your Own
Some excellent military children’s books that you could easily build care packages around or just send alone are Night Catch by Brenda Ehrmantraut – make a baseball/catching themed package, The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn – hearts, hands, kisses, you get the drift, I’m Red, White, & Blue...Are You Feeling It Too? By Deanna Lynn Cole – add red, white, & blue items, or My Hero: Military Kids Write About Their Mons and Dads by Allen Appel and Mike Rothmiller – this could be children’s art, letters from the kids, etc.

Two other amazing books that are not necessarily military but would be very great for sparking ideas for creative packages or just to pen your own/your child’s own thoughts into and send to. One easy way to do that is to send a care package, but not just any care package—a special Father’s Day version:
Dad’s Favorite Things
Pack this with all of his favorite snacks, favorite book or magazine, handheld electronic games, home baked goods, letters & drawings from the children, a list of reasons why he’s the best Dad, and a #1 Dad coffee mug – don’t forget the Starbucks® Via!
Tie One On
No, this isn’t what you’re thinking, but it is a cute idea. Don’t get Dad the typical tie this year –give him things that “tie”! A tie-dyed shirt, shoestrings- or new shoes, fishing flies, a yellow ribbon, or a fleece tie blanket.

Get more creative with this one and create “family ties” by adding stamped envelopes & notepaper tied with a bow. Remind him of when you “tied the knot” and started this family with fun wedding pictures. Ask him to “tie up the phone line” and send him a phone card to call home. Have you kids get a recordable card and sing to him “Do your ears hang low...do you tie them in a knot? Tie them in a bow?” See who can win a game or if you “tie” by asking him to join your children for a game of tic-tac-toe online. Tell him about how you get “tongue tied” when you’re around him by listing all of the wonderful things you love about Dad.

See Why A Son Needs A Dad: 100 Reasons and Why A Daughter Needs A Dad: 100 Reasons both by Gregory Lang.
Alternatives to Care Packages
There are so many military programs and wonderful military children’s books out there that can help you stay connected.

Read a book with Dad with the United Through Reading program & the USO -


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