Winter Skincare Offensive

While your spouse is off defending the country, you’re minding the home front, which usually means tending to everyone else’s needs before your own. But winter isn’t the time to neglect yourself—especially when it comes to your skin. Skin protects you; the least you can do is return the favor by defending it from cold-weather damage. Fortunately, winter skincare is fairly simple.
Cleanse. Gently.
Dermatologist Dr. Debra Luftman, member of the Simple® Skincare Advisory Board, recommends washing with creamier cleansers in winter.  Foaming cleansers can be a bit harsh for cold-weather when skin tends to get more dry and flaky. Moisturizing facial washes like this one from Simple® are a great way to fight off the flakes. 
If you do use a foaming cleanser, keep it gentle. Follow suit with body washes. 
Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash with NutriumMoisture® gently cleanses your body while its skin-natural moisturizers absorb quickly and nourish skin deeply. 
Soak your oats.
Oatmeal is known as a natural cleanser, thanks to Saponins, components that absorb dirt, oil and odor. No wonder oats are a common ingredient in many skincare products. St. Ives® features them in their Oatmeal Shea Body Wash, an ultra-moisturizing, soothing cleanser. 
Moisture, moisture, moisture.
The richer, the better. Frigid temperatures and harsh winds suck the moisture from your skin, so Dr. Luftman recommends using deep moisturizers. Rich moisturizers shouldn’t clog your pores or feel heavy and oily on your face. The Simple® Replenishing Rich Moisturizer is a great bedtime defense that helps you soak up and retain moisture during the night so your skin wakes up fully replenished.
Balm & spray. Repeat.
Worried about the delicate skin around your eyes? Short of wearing a full-face ski mask, eye treatments like the Simple® Revitalizing Eye Roll-On can help keep cold and wind-battered eyes from looking fatigued and crêpe-paper dry.
Luckily, there’s a wide range of skin defense items you can add to your arsenal. Including sprays. St. Ives® Fresh Hydration Lotions moisturize without any heavy lotion feeling, thanks to convenient spray bottles.
Remember, don’t let life’s busy moments get in the way of your personal care. Beauty is truly nourished from inside and out. The best defense is daily and nightly skincare—all year long. 


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