The Easiest Way to Beautiful Skin

…is also the most basic. Are you making these cleansing mistakes?

A key step in your skin-care regimen isn’t a fancy eye cream or an expensive procedure: It’s simply washing your face. “If you’re not cleansing correctly, you may get breakouts and duller skin,” says Stephanie Elizabeth, founder of Epic Beauty Guide. Wake up to more radiant skin with these smart-cleansing tips. You glow, girl!

Start at the very beginning. Remove makeup before you even whip out the cleanser. Try Pond’s® Evening Soothe™ Towelettes to take off most makeup with one swipe. For stay-put mascaras, use Vaseline® Petroleum Jelly to remove every last bit.

Take your temperature. It’s best to use lukewarm water, as hot water can strip your skin of healthy oils. It’s a good tip for the shower too.

Portion the product. Use a teaspoon-size amount of face cleanser. For dry skin, best to stick to a cream-based cleanser, such as Pond’s® Cold Cream. For normal to oily skin, a liquid foaming cleanser is a good choice.

Make a splash. Wet your face with lukewarm water, then, using a circular motion, rub cleanser over your T-zone — forehead, nose and chin — for about a minute. But wait! You’re not done yet…

Rub — don’t scrub. Now wash your entire face, using cleanser and water in circular strokes. “The best cleansing tools are your fingers,” says Boston-based dermatologist Ranella Hirsch, M.D. Hirsch warns that many people using washcloths end up over scrubbing their faces, which triggers breakouts and irritation. To finish, splash your face with cool, not cold, water until it runs clear, and pat skin dry ever so gently with a towel.

Treat it. For daytime, apply a moisturizer with sunscreen immediately to your damp face. At bedtime, slather on moisturizer for deep hydration.


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