Hot Makeup for Cool Weather

The fashion world is abuzz about bold, bright makeup colors for fall and winter, says professional makeup artist Mally Roncal. “Think peacocky jewel tones,” she says. But how do real women make these vibrant hues work for their everyday lives? It’s easy — when you learn a few of Roncal’s tricks.
Choose the right color eye shadow for you. Any woman can wear this season’s deep plums and lush greens, says Roncal. It’s all in the tone you choose. “We’re not wearing those colors the way we wore them in the ’80s,” she explains. “Today’s look is more subtle.” Still nervous? “Experiment with eyeliner in one of these colors instead of shadow,” suggests Roncal. And choose pencil over liquid liner. “It’s more forgiving,” she says.
Go for a smoky–eye look. “Q–tips® cotton swabs are your friends,” says Roncal. “They really help give you a professional look.” After you apply that pencil eyeliner, “smudge it out for an instant smoky eye,” she suggests.
Cover your bases. What if you do want to try that forest–green shadow? Make sure it doesn’t end up in the crease of your eye by lunchtime. “Apply eye–shadow base before you apply your eye makeup. That’s my No. 1 secret for a professional–looking eye,” says Roncal. She also recommends using a makeup primer before applying foundation. “Many women fight a constant battle with their makeup, and it ends up running by the end of the day. Using eye–shadow base and makeup primer is a bulletproof way to look fierce all day!”
Make fall lip colors work for you. Red and hot pink are big for fall, but that can seem like a lot of color if you’re used to having a more natural–looking lip, says Roncal. “We have to get used to seeing ourselves with a bolder lip,” she explains. “It’s all about training the eye.” One way to ease into a bolder lip color is to start with a gloss “for just a pop of color,” says Roncal. “Then transition to a sheer lipstick. Finally, you can go to a full–on lipstick.”


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