Bridal Hair, 2014

Whether you’re the bride-to-be or a wedding guest, you’ll want to flaunt amazing hair on that special day. Here are 8 of the latest styles and accessories to make it happen (easier than you may think).
1. Show off your back
Think of your locks as the ultimate accessory. If you go with the backless dress trend this year, don’t hide your skin beneath long hair. Show it off with an up-do or side-styled chignon.
2. Beachy braids
Casual celebration with laid-back attire? Try a Mermaid Braid! Take freshly
conditioned, knot-free hair, comb it well and separate in two sections toward the side. Create a braid from each section, then join the two braids together. Connect all the braid strands with bobby pins and spray to hold.
3. Pick of the crop
Short, cropped hair is big even when there’s less of it. If you’re short hair shy, go for a longer, side-swept pixie with parted fringe to softly frame your face. You can always clip in extensions if you want longer, flowing hair for that special day.
4. April showers
This season's “wet look” is wearable off the runway. Yes, even for auspicious occasions. Add a high shine serum to your hair before styling or slick back smoothly and freeze with hairspray. To keep that salon-smooth style for up to 3 washes, and avoid frizz, try the TRESemmé® 7 Day Keratin Smooth system.

5. Do it up
Spring up-dos are super relaxed, with loose strands for a more feminine feel.
Side-swept up-dos are in, too, especially with a deep side part. Start at your left temple and sweep across to your right ear.
6. Color you beautiful
Shine a spotlight on dark blonde hues, rich orange or copper locks, chocolate-brown, or rose gold hair color this year. They all go well with white (or ecru).
7. The unveiling
Beautiful baubles, headbands and flowers are all the rage. Tiaras sit pretty on voluminous up-dos. Antique brooches add a glamorous, retro vibe. Tiny flowers look best adorning curls, while cascading leaves or feathers, used sparingly, enhance longer styles.
8. Flowers for the girls
Last but not least, don’t forget your attendant’s hair. You can always give them hair jewelry as a thank-you gift. That way, they can parade down the aisle wearing matching accessories.  If you have a flower girl, a small floral halo is perfect.
For more bridal hairstyles and a how-to, check out this tutorial from TRESemmé® Stylist, Tyler Laswell.


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