Top Hair Trends

Whether your style is girly curls or sexy sleek, we’ve got the look for you.

Are you in a beauty rut? Changing your hair is one of the easiest ways to rejuvenate yourself, says Suave Professionals® celebrity hairstylist Jenny Cho. “I'm seeing a lot of hot trends right now, including bouncy curls, polished blow-outs and sleek ponytails,” says Cho.

And season after season, Cho says, “classic looks such as high-shine buns, romantic chignons and high knots keep reinventing themselves with a modern spin.”

Highlight Your Style

What’s new when it comes to highlights? “Women with darker roots and lighter ends are hitting the scene from New York to L.A.,” says Cho. It’s a trend that also works in the real world, she adds.

“To keep highlighted hair looking its best, start with a shampoo and conditioner system designed for color-treated hair,” suggests Cho. Try new Suave Professionals® Black Raspberry and White Tea shampoo and conditioner to gently cleanse and nourish hair while locking in color and shine. “Suave Professionals® Heat Defense Leave-In Conditioner helps protect hair from damage due to too much time with the blow-dryer, and Suave Professionals® Keratin Infusion Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner adds a healthy-looking shine and luster to hair,” says Cho. And both products help keep hair looking in top condition.

Try a New Cut

“I'm loving versatile, short hair cuts,” says Cho. “I like pixie cuts that sport rounded bangs and can be styled into face-framing looks.”

“Bobs are also hot,” she adds. “I’ve seen sleek, straight bobs that can be styled into texturized, loose waves or even curly bobs. I’m also seeing women with heavily layered shoulder-length bobs.”

Add a Little Glam

“This year is all about creating red-carpet looks at home,” advises Cho. “Suave Professionals® is launching a new styling line that has been designed to work as well as top salon brands. The line includes Suave Professionals® Dry Shampoo, which refreshes hair and absorbs oil between washes while adding volume and texture to your style.”

High-volume sexy looks can be created with Suave Professionals® Volumizing Weightless Blow Dry Spray — “my go-to product for adding body and lasting volume,” says Cho. And any style, from updos to waves, can be locked into place with new Suave Professionals® Touchable Finish hairspray collection. “The three levels of hold are designed to deliver long-lasting hold for a variety of looks,” Cho adds.


“I'm really into weaving a brightly colored satin ribbon into a braid and leaving a little extra ribbon hanging at the end to add a cheerful pop of color,” says Cho. Another great idea: “wide black headbands are always great for everyday use. They instantly create a classic look.”

Hair accessories shouldn’t shout “Look at me!” explains Cho. “They should be age-appropriate and look understated. In my opinion, women make the mistake of adding too much or doing too much with their hairstyle. Whether your look is classic or modern, use one or two accessories to make a statement, but don’t overdo it.”


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