New Help For Aging Hair

Your hair is getting older, along with the rest of you (sigh). Here's how to turn back the clock.

Why does your formerly thick, healthy hair suddenly seem thin, dull and dry? Alas, it’s getting older. Read on to discover all of the problems of aging hair, then learn how to fight back.
Problem: Its natural color has faded
When you’re around 40, hair starts to lose its pigmentation (called melanin) and go gray. By the time you’re 50, your mane may be 50 percent gray. Many mature women say camouflaging gray is their top hair concern.  
Problem: It’s thinner
Not only do hair follicles shrink in diameter as we get older, producing finer strands, but many follicles stop growing new hair altogether. That leaves your locks sparser overall. Some women compensate with perms. (Note: Thinning hair in women can be a sign of a serious health problem, so see your doctor to rule out any medical causes.)
Problem: Its shine is gone
The loss of pigmentation can leave your strands dull. So can exposure to the elements, frequent heat styling, over-shampooing, and too much chemical processing—including, ironically, the color treatments that cover your gray and the perm that helps make your hair appear thicker.  
Problem: It isn’t as soft
As we age, follicles become more irregularly shaped and produce hairs that are uneven in diameter. Meanwhile, the surface of each hair also gets damaged and irregular. The result: coarse, rough, wiry strands.   
Problem: It’s dry 
Older scalps produce less natural oil, leaving strands dry. To combat the problem, some women wash their hair less often—perhaps once or twice a week instead of four to six times a week.     
Problem: It breaks off
Strands are finer than they used to be, so they’re weaker and more likely to snap. Add chemical processing, damage from sun and wind, and hair gets extra-brittle.
Problem: It refuses to behave
It’s wirier, thinner and drier. It has less body and more flyaways. Is it any wonder aging hair won’t hold a style?
Solution: Treat it with care
Genetics and hormonal changes have a lot to do with the way your hair ages. You can’t change much about those things, but you can treat your mature mane better inside and out. Eat a nutritious diet, go easy on the chemical processing, and use the Nexxus® Youth Renewal™ line of products formulated for mature hair.
Nexxus® Youth Renewal™ Rejuvenating Shampoo and Nexxus® Youth Renewal™ Rejuvenating Conditioner gently cleanse and moisturize, helping build volume and restore vibrancy.

Nexxus® Youth Renewal™ Rejuvenating Elixir, a lightweight leave-in treatment, protects against breakage.

For styling, Nexxus® Youth Renewal™ Plump & Lift Blow Dry Spray provides weightless volume that lasts all day.

And between washes, Nexxus® Youth Renewal Dry Shampoo boosts volume and freshens your style.


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