Saluting Self-Esteem

You don’t have to be a parent to know moms are always on active duty, especially military moms who may not have a partner on board to help out. Raising pre-teen or ‘tween daughters brings its own set of unique issues, which often center around the sensitive subject of self-esteem.

Researchers have found low self-esteem prevalent in girls as young as eight years old. One study revealed that six out of ten girls stopped pursuing the activities they loved—such as acting, dancing and gymnastics—because they had anxiety about their appearance. Dove® wants to celebrate women and girls by giving them a free toolkit to help bolster self-esteem

Imagine a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety.

Dove® salutes the four out of ten girls who refuse to let body image define them, much less interfere with their dreams. That’s why they started the Dove® “Self-Esteem Project” to provide programs for building self-esteem. They’ve reached 11 million girls so far, with a goal of impacting 15 million by 2015.

Not sure where to start or what to say to help girls focus on their own beauty, rather than perceived flaws? Now moms, mentors, teachers and youth leaders have free self-esteem guides at their fingertips. And you thought childrearing didn’t come with a manual!

Start with the Self-Esteem Toolkit Recommender on the Dove® site. It helps personalize results whether you want to empower one girl or a group. Topics and activities are divided into age-appropriate content, from addressing girls’ unpredictable “see-saw” emotions, to the effects of culture and media on the female psyche.

You’ll learn how to marshal techniques for strengthening body image through informative workshops, guides and videos that show young women how body image impacts their attitudes about themselves, and their peers.

A wide range of ages and skillsets are covered. Girls can engage in new or old-school activities (at last, a reason to resurrect that old hula hoop)—or learn how drop the OMG! digital drama and behave more responsibly online.

The March to 15 Million is on. And it’s unstoppable!

Dove® has been promoting “real” beauty since the launch of their white beauty bar, decades ago.

And now you can help spread the good word at home and on base. Each time you buy a Dove® item at your military store or commissary, you’ll help support Dove®'s work to help self-esteem programs for girls. See how here

Download your free toolkit to begin empowering young girls at home. Feel free to share a story about an unstoppable girl in your life (there’s no reason to be shy) or get inspired by reading others’ stories. 

Dove® has made huge strides encouraging daughters everywhere to embrace their unique beauty. Following their steps, you’ll most likely enjoy a bonus side effect: a boost to your own self-esteem.


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