Go Outside and Play!

6 fun (and even free) ways to take advantage of the nice weather and connect with your family.

Go Outside and Play!

Take advantage of nice weather, connect with your family and de-stress with these 6 fun activities. They’re all cheap—or even free!

Neighborhood Nature Walk

Nature abounds in the suburbs. First head to the library for a book on local plants, animals and birds, then see how many species you can identify around your neighborhood.

Scavenger Hunt

First, choose an easy theme, like A to Z, in which you must find 26 animals, plants or objects, one for each letter of the alphabet. Bring your smart phone or digital camera and snap a photo of each find. When you’re finished, post your photos online!

Tip: ”F” is for frizz, which can happen if you’re outside in damp or humid weather. TRESemmé® Keratin Smooth Color Creme Serum will help keep your hair sleek as you play outdoors.

Playground Party

If it’s been a while since your family visited your local playground, take the kids for an afternoon of swings and slides.

Tip: For a sweet treat, bring along a Good Humor® Variety Pack of frozen bars, cones and sandwiches. With 24 or 36 items per pack, there’s plenty to share with any new friends your kids might meet.

Patio Garden 

If you aren’t ready for full-on backyard farming, try a potted herb garden. Your local nursery can advise which herbs will grow best in your area. Later, harvest your crop and cook with it.

Car Wash

Okay, it doesn’t sound fun. But 1 grimy car + 1 bucket of suds + great music + kids can equal a blast. Save water by installing an automatic shutoff nozzle on your hose. use a biodegradable, non-toxic soap, and wash the car on your lawn so you water the grass at the same time.

Backyard Camp-Out

Set up the tent and haul out the sleeping bags. Fire up the grill for dinner (how about Beefy Burgers and the Classic Potato Salad, have s’mores for dessert, and finish the evening with scary stories. Best of all, in the morning, the “facilities” are just steps away.


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