7 Beauty Myth Busters

Antiquated beauty secrets and regimens leave a lot to be desired. And ignored. A list of dos and don’ts may have been handed down to you such as: “Ironing hair straightens it…wearing a tight corset (a.k.a. girdle, shapewear, depending on your generation) shrinks your waist.” 
Luckily, most of these old wives’ tales have been dispelled. And, although it’s wise to respect your elders, you can now brush off outdated advice with some upgraded know-how.
Crossing your legs gives you “roadmap” veins. Pregnancy, trauma and standing for long periods of time can cause varicose veins much more than sitting with your legs crossed. 
Wax on, hair off. Forever. Repeatedly ripping hair out at its roots (ouch) is as damaging as it sounds, but only after a substantially long time. Waxing may make your skin feel smoother than shaving, but it won’t prevent hair from ever coming back. 
Honey, I shrunk my pores. You can only shrink the appearance of pores, not the size, no matter how much you spend on pore-minimizing creams. However, Aunt Gertrude may have passed down a trick that actually works: rubbing egg whites on your face helps tighten it. Temporarily. As far as steaming your face to open and close pores, they’re not on itty-bitty hinges. Heat just loosens any oil and dirt that’s inside.
Skin is only clean when it squeaks. Leave squeaky clean for windows.  If facial skin is so tight, it squeaks, you’re probably using the wrong cleanser or toner. For a little help with your routine, try the personalized Simple® Sense skincare tool.
Brush hair 100 strokes to make it shine. The tugging that occurs when mega-brushing can contribute to hair damage and loss. Just comb your locks gently a couple of times a day to help stimulate blood flow and feed follicles. For extra shine, use products that help protect against heat styling, like TRESemmé® Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Shine Spray.
Shampoos don’t work after repeated use. If you use the same products over and over, your hair won’t become shampoo-immune. It’s more about excess goop from hairspray and styling products. Use a clarifying shampoo in between regular washes to help minimize build up.
Don’t over-wash your hair; it’ll clean itself. Hair isn’t an oven: You can’t turn a knob and return two hours later to find out it has “self-cleaned.“ It’s a good idea to wash and condition your hair daily or every other day. Try a gentle shampoo and conditioner that won’t weigh your hair down, like Dove Daily Moisture Shampoo.


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