6 Manscaping Tips

Manscaping is an important (and much appreciated) part of a guy’s personal care routine. Help him follow these easy tips, and you’ll reap the benefits.
Step away from the bar.
Soap that is. Many men don’t even wash their face and, when they do, they tend to use whatever’s handy: harsh body soap or even shampoo. Turn them onto daily hydrating cleansers that help replenish moisture and fight dryness. Remind him his body’s tough, but he has a softer side: his face.
Get closer. 
He’ll get a much closer shave (and you’ll get less “kissy-face” burn) if he lets a moisturizing shave gel linger on the skin a minute or so to soften his facial hair before shaving.  Post shave, avoid His Father’s After Shaves. They contain alcohol that can strip skin of water and natural oils, dehydrating it. Shave balms, rich in vitamin B5, can quell any irritation and smooth things over. 
This isn’t about his weight. He should trim unsightly hair sprouting everywhere other than his head. Nose, ear, even neck hair can be clipped away at home or at the barber’s. 
Long and dirty fingernails = turnoff. They may signify he works hard, but he should clip and buff his nails just as diligently. How about taking him for a couples’ mani/pedi? If he balks, entice him with the promise of another woman worshiping at his feet; who knows, he might even treat.
They say clothes make the man, but if he slouches or mismatches shoes and belts, he won’t look as spiffy as he could. If he’s color blind, help him pick out belts to match his shoes and socks. Then, remind him gently to stand tall. If he tends to over do things, caution him to go easy on the cologne. Clean, fresher fragrances, used lightly, are the most attractive.
As with manicures, we’re led to believe men dismiss sunscreen as something far south of masculine. However, many guys just haven’t heard the sun-protection/skin cancer message loud enough. Shout it out: Everyone should wear SPF all year long. Even a man’s facial hair can’t protect him. 


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