21 Beauty Uses for Q-tips® Cotton Swabs

How the ultimate beauty tool can help you look your best

You already own the best beauty tool out there. In fact, there’s probably a whole box of them in your medicine cabinet right now.

Meet your new favorite multitasker: Q-tips® , the cotton swab with the gentle, flexible stick and the most soft cotton at the tip. Try these tips to get gorgeous fast.

De-puff eyes. Place a wet Q-tips® cotton swab in a plastic baggie and put in the fridge for five minutes, then roll the swab under your eyes to soothe away puffiness.

Clean sweep. Use Q-tips® cotton swabs to scoop into an exfoliating face scrub and gently massage hard-to-reach spots like the side of your nose.

Clean machines. Keep makeup tools clean by soaking Q-tips® cotton swabs in rubbing alcohol. Then use them to clean eyelash curlers, tweezers and even the inside of your cosmetics bag.

To dye for. While DIY-ing hair color at home, use one to clean hair-dye drips from your forehead and the part of your hair.

Avoid faux-tan flubs. Clean up excess (and orangey) self-tanner from cuticles, elbows and the backs of your knees.

Smoke-ify eyes. Line lids with dark eyeliner, and using a Q-tips® cotton swab, smudge liner for a sultry look.

Heal thyself. Dab medications and ointments on minor cuts and bruises; apply acne cream to pimples with precision.

Polish plus. Fix nail polish goofs by dipping a Q-tips® cotton swab in nail polish remover. Clean up excess polish for a salon-perfect finish.

Erase makeup mistakes. Douse Q-tips® cotton swabs with makeup remover and wipe away errant mascara, liner or shadow smudges.

Lock in lip color. Wearing a bold shade? Keep lipstick in line by using Q-tips® cotton swabs to dust loose face powder all around lips to set color and prevent bleeding. Look, Ma, no feathering!

Be prepared. Keep the 30ct Q-tips® plastic pack in your purse for on-the-go touch-ups.

Perfect your pout. Dab iridescent gloss on the middle of your lower lip to make it pop.

Lash out. Use a Q-tips® cotton swab to add glue to false lashes. Wait at least 10 seconds until the glue is tacky, and apply lashes for big-time glamour.

Brow power. Fill in sparse spots and make eyebrow pencil or powder more realistic looking by blending color with a Q-tips® cotton swab.

Stain smarter. Lip and cheek stains look natural and stay put all day, but they can also stain your fingers. Use a Q-tips® cotton swab to apply stain, sans mess.

Highlight your assets. Apply powder or liquid highlighter with a Q-tips® cotton swab to tiny areas like the inner corners of your eyes or your Cupid’s bow.

Smooth operator. When applying color to eyelids, smudge shadow in the lid’s creases with a Q-tips® cotton swab.

Nail it. For brighter, whiter nails, dip a Q-tips® cotton swab in a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, swab over fingernails, and after three minutes, rinse nails.

Tame your brows. Control unruly brows by running a Q-tips® cotton swab sprayed with hairspray or dabbed in Vaseline® Petrolleym Jelly over them.

Zap zits. When a blemish pops up, camouflage it! Apply concealer with a Q-tips® cotton swab and simply dab on the affected area. It’s much more spot-on than using your finger.

Wing it. Create perfectly winged eyeliner by sweeping the liner outward and upward at the corners of your eyes.


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